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"Kaitlin was an awesome CPR Instructor.  She was very patient and willing to go over things more than once if needed." ~Tatiana Rudd


Proudly Delivered In Accordance With The American Heart Association 


In the medical field, there is always one consistent must on every job application . . . that is being CPR certified with the right association. Nine times out of ten, your facility will require you to take a course with a company that specializes in American Heart Association BLS training.  In addition, most healthcare facilities will require you to recertify every 2 years.


This is where Boston CPR Partners comes in.  From regularly scheduled classes, group rates and classes on request, Boston CPR Partners has a little something for every medical professional.

Happy Young Family

Imagine having the ability to save someone else's life?  Wouldn't that be amazing?  Well, you could have this incredible ability after taking Boston CPR Partner's AHA Heartsaver course.  In this course, you will be given to most up to date CPR techniques and guidance provided by the AHA for adults, children and infants.  On top of this, you will receive training on choking and first aid skills.  


Our Civilian Heartsaver Course is perfect for families, neighborhoods, and schools. Contact us to set up your personally indvidualized class today!

Similing Team

We get it because our team has been in your shoes.  We have all gotten the email about the next company team-building exercise and wondered, "what is it this time?".  


Boston CPR Partners is not just another company building exercise! Our goal is simple, improve your individual lifesaving skills, work together to gain a better victim outcome, all while building rapport and trust between participants.


Oh . . . and did we mention that we will be making your company a safer place to work too?!



Kaitlin McCarthy RN-BSN is the owner of Boston CPR Partners and is a Neuro ICU RN at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.  Kaitlin started in the medical field at the young age of 14 years old, where she was on Mount Sunapee's Junior Ski Patrol for 3 years.  She then became an EMT at 18 years old and went to UMass Amherst, where she graduated with a B.A. in Communication, with her primary focus being in business.  After working in the corporate world, Kaitlin knew she needed to follow her dream of becoming a nurse.  She went to nursing school and received her Associates degree in Nursing, followed by her Bachelors degree in Nursing shortly after.  While in nursing school, Kaitlin spent two and a half years as a Newborn Care Specialist with Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny.  


She is now in a dual Masters program for Nursing Education and Patient Care Coordination.  She first began her nursing career as an ER nurse and then transitioned to the Neuro ICU.  Kaitlin's teaching style stems from her years of emergency and critical care experience.  After taking many CPR classes, she knew these classes needed a change; something that was more personal and tailored to each learner.  Over the past two years, Boston CPR Partners has certified over 1,000 healthcare professionals and non-medical learners in the Boston area.  With special offerings such as In-Home CPR classes for new families, along with scheduled weekly classes in the Boston CPR Partners' Stoughton training studio, Kaitlin has created a dynamic and collaborative approach to CPR training.  Kaitlin's passion is giving learners the tools they need to save a life and bringing her personal experiences as a tool for a more cohesive and interactive educational experience for all participants!

We align ourselves with the teaching practices of the American Heart Association and American Red Cross.  Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional, parent, teacher, firefighter, nanny, child care worker, or are someone who wants to learn the lifesaving skill of CPR, we have you covered!  

Welcome to the Boston CPR Partners team!




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (781) 913-9238 or fill out the following form


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1749 Central Street Stoughton, MA 02072

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